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Praha - Břevnov, bazilika Břevnovského kláštera, nový nástroj - 2007


For us, the word “WORKSHOP” means a TEAM of workers who, using their crafts and skills, contribute to and create a joint work. The founders of the workshop are: Jaromír Kánský and Josef Brachtl

Mgr. Jaromír Kánský (1969) is trained as mechanic of musical keyboard instruments in the Secondary Vocational School for Musical Instrument Makers in Hradec Králové in 1987. He started his working experience in the Varhany Krnov enterprise. In 1995, he and Josef Brachtl established a partnership named Varhanářská dílna Kánský a Brachtl. They have been working jointly on the contracts since. Since 2005, he has been the holder of a licence to restore culturally protected  organs granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. In the workshop, he is in charge of organ construction, organ restoration, manufacturing control and instrument assembly. He actively participates in the making of organ tracker action.

Josef Brachtl (1958) gained his intonation experience in the Varhany Krnov enterprise. In 2008, he completed his study at the Organ Building Secondary Art School in Krnov. He devoted his all professional life to improving and study of intonation art. He has extensive artisan experience ranging from Early Baroque, symphonic Romanticism up to the present age.

The workshop team includes co-workers - employees whose crafts and skills were proven by the years. They showed their professional development in exacting realizations of instruments. Approx. 20 artisans were part of the team of which some have been cooperating with the workshop since its establishment and some of them have developed into the new Czech organ-making generation we need not be ashamed of.

The workshop also cooperates with well-proven suppliers from the Krnov region, Prague and from abroad so that it could always honour its mission: customer-tailored manufacture of fine organs and professional restoration.

Thank you for your trust!